If you are an SME operating in the plastic collection, aggregation, recycling and upcycling industry, apply now and join us!

Thailand SME Scale Up Program
for Plastics Circularity

the Program

Building circular economies to end ocean plastic pollution

Custom designed for growing the local circular economy, the Thailand SME Scale Up Program for Plastics Circularity aims to be a catalyst of growth for Thailand SMEs to increase the impact of their solutions in the industry through an inclusive and sustainable approach.

In partnership with Sasin Sustainability & Entrepreneurship Center and Weable2, The Incubation Network is proud to launch the Thailand SME Scale Up Program for Plastics Circularity – a unique, targeted program to help Thai-based SMEs in the plastic collection, aggregation, recycling and upcycling business to scale up and expand operations.

Applicant Requirements and Qualifications

Operating in Thailand

Thailand is ripe for fostering and scaling innovation that will reduce plastic leakage into the environment, as well as creating a profound effect on the local informal sector.
Applicants of this program must already be operating in Thailand.

Key focus areas

We are looking for SMEs that align with the following  key focus areas:

Businesses with operations in collection, recycling, repurposing and/or upcycling of plastic waste, as well as plastic waste management technology

Businesses that are responsive to gender equality & inclusion

Stage of growth

We welcome applications from SMEs and growing businesses that:

Are generating a revenue of 1 million THB and above per year


Are seeking access to additional funding and customers for scale-up and growth

Program Timeline

Applications Open

15 January - 16 February 2022

Phase I: Shortlisted SMEs Announcement

25 February 2022

Workshop Kick-off

March 2022


April 2022

Phase I: Winner Announcement

30 April 2022

Phase II: Shortlisted SMEs Announcement

30 April 2022


Workshops around key topics on growing a successful and sustainable business, gaining access to funding, and how to effectively engage investors and customers.

Plastic circularity business models for growth and sustainability

Designed for practical applications on your own venture, to help you define components of your business model and identify potential areas to target for future scaling.

Group 1: 9 March 2022, 13.00-16.00

Group 2: 11 March 2022, 13.00-16.00

How SMEs can access to funding of a circular economy for plastics

Identify, especially, the source of funds for plastic circularity and understand on how investment can support and benefits to your sustainable business growth.

18 March 2022, 09.00-12.00

25 March 2022, 09.00-12.00

How to prepare a pitch deck and present to investors

Tackles what you can expect in a pitch, with explanations of the pitch deck anatomy that will allow you to effectively communicate your business when an opportunity for investment arises.

Online Workshop: 21 March 2022, 09.00-12.00

Physical Workshop: 21 March 2022, 13.00-16.00

Pitching Days

April 2022


The Top 3 pitches will be awarded cash prizes amounting to:

First Place

120,000 THB

100,000 THB

80,000 THB

In addition, selected program participants will have the opportunity to be shortlisted for Phase Two, where they will receive the following benefits:

Access to grants

over THB3,000,000 (USD$100,000) in cash prizes

Custom growth plan

Workshops, exclusive resources and 6-8 months of 1:1 support

Quality connections and mentorship

Accelerate growth through access to strategic
partnerships and advisory

Join The Incubation Network
Community in Thailand!

Tackling the magnitude of the world’s plastic pollution and its associated problems is complex. There is no silver bullet.

The Incubation Network believes in the power of a diverse, connected network of passionate, like-minded individuals and organizations to fuel innovation. Our work with Entrepreneurial Support Organizations (ESOs) helps build their capacity to support startups and connect other ecosystem builders to address barriers within the plastics value chain.

Established in 2019, The Incubation Network is a partnership between non-profit organization, The Circulate Initiative and impact innovation company, SecondMuse.

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